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Current Inventory
We have access to just about every popular brand name part out there for your vehicle. If you cannot find the part listed on the website, please email us

Safe Ordering
We do 99% of our business through PayPal. If for some reason you cannot use PayPal, We can accept direct credit card transactions via Google Wallet. All orders are screen checked and confirmed legitimate before fully processed and completed.

Orders are processed most of the time on the same day they are received. You should see your order at your door within 2-3 days upon completion. If you ordered a part or service from us and need an update please email us here

If you called the Google voice number and did not get a response back please email us instead at tscompusa@gmail.com or sales@tscomptuned.net


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 Note: All tunes were performed remotely via email
 or real time instant messenger services.
2013 Discount Product List
Tactrix 1.3U Programmer Cable + EvoScan $168 Shipped